Leonard Cachola

Solo2 Website

Work in Progress: Solo2.com Website
Goal here is to simplify the navigation and change the look of the current site. Please note that one of the linked videos on the page will either hang or not completely load. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over it.   v1  v2  v3

customhang logo

Site I developed for an artist who does custom helmets and gliders for hang gliders and parasailers

PAX Calculator

JavaScript Calculator
This is a simple calculator I developed using JavaScript and HTML/CSS for participants in a local grassroots motorsports club and has proven to be very useful in competitions.

Flash Banner Examples

Flash Banner Ads
For these, I was given a brief along with the image assets, which I animated in Flash. After animating them, I would worked closely with an art director for fine tuning. Most scripting was outsourced. Typical turn-around for each ad was a single day.

Autocross Instructor's Guide

Autocross Instructor Guide
Developed using HTML and CSS.

Poppies website

Poppies Inc. Website
Basic website with rollovers. I originally designed this in GoLive using tables and JavaScript. For this version, I cleaned up the code using CSS. As a result, the file sizes are half what they used to be under GoLive.

Innies and Outties website

Innies and Outties Website
I originally did this site in DreamWeaver with tables. This version was done with extensive use of CSS along with tables.